dinsdag 6 maart 2018

Polish national film archives

Conservation and digitalization of the oldest films from the collection of the National Film Archive in Warsaw

Many pre-war Polish feature films remain missing. Those that were miraculously found - for instance in private collections - are often in such bad shape that running them through a classic projector would ensure their complete and irreversible damage. Thanks to the possibilities offered by digitization and time-lapse, frame-by-frame digital restoration, restored films can be seen today not only in cinemas or on DVD, but also on the Internet.

The NITROFILM project, Filmoteka Narodowa (The National Film Archive) digitised 43 pre-war films made on a highly flammable nitro base and restored three silent productions: “Mania. Story of a cigarette factory worker”, “Pan Tadeusz” and “The Call of the sea”. Each of the three films had their grand re-premieres.

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