Saturday, 4 April 2015

Serenata nocturna

This film Serenata Nocturna is the first puppet animation where Joop Geesink actively involved. The title indicates that it comes from the Geesink-Bearer studio, which still holds only in 1942 engaged in cartoon.

Title : Seranata Noctura
Client : Philips
Height : 3 minutes
Production Year : 1942
Format : 35 mm, black / white
Script: Joop Geesink & Marten Bearer
Dolls : Dopey Scheffer
Dolls Clothes : Phiny Dick (wife of marten Bearer)
Decors : Hagemeyer & Loek van Delden
Further staff Jan Duyfvetter, John van der Meulen and Bertus Outmayer

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