Monday, 23 March 2015

Light painting

Jason D. Page, Light Painting Documentary from Jason D. Page on Vimeo.
Light Painter Jason D. Page shines light into the darkness to find beauty where many would find unease. This 7 minute documentary explains what light painting is, how Jason discovered light painting, and why light painting is so significant in his life.

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Produced and Directed by: Jacob Peterson
Filmed by: Jacob Peterson, John Bibbo, Chris Leidy, Geoff Dunn, Christie Page, Courtney Page
Surfing footage by: Jason D. Page
All still images are light paintings created by Jason D. Page

Music Credits:
Artist: M83
Song: "We Own The Sky"
Album: Saturdays = Youth

Artist: Linsey Stirling
Song: "Crystallize"
Album: Lindsey Stirling

Artist: Helen Jane Long
Song: "Echo"
Album: Porcelain

Special Thanks: Nana and Pops, Courtney, Mom, Christie, Christopher, Kendall Fabian, Geoff , Eric LaChance, Johnny, Carolina, Kristin, Rob @ Coast, Vicki DaSilva, and Dean Chamberlain.

Thank you to all my friends in the light painting community and all the Light Painting Pioneers:
Étienne-Jules Marey, Georges Demeny, Frank Gilbreth, Man Ray, Gjon Mili, Barbara Morgan, Jack Delano, Andreas Feininger, George Mathieu, David Lebe, Eric Staller, Dean Chamberlain, Jacques Pugin, Jozef Sedlák, Vicki DaSilva, Kamil Varga, John Hesketh, Tokihiro Sato, Troy Paiva, Bruno Mesrine, Patrick Rochon, Aurora Crowley, Arturo Aguiar, Lapp-Pro, JanLeonardo, Chanette Manso, Michael Bosanko, Pete Eckert, and the ones that I forgot....

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